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Classic Yacht Contests were held on an informal basis in 1969 at Cambridge, MD and in 1970 at Rock Creek, MD.  These informal events inspired a small number of owners of vintage watercraft to charter CYCA.

The Classic Yacht Club of America, Inc. was officially created in 1971 and was organized for the purpose of promoting ownership, preservation, restoration and knowledge of classic wood pleasure vessels. Subsequently, the club’s mission statement was expanded to include other hull materials.

The Club, by design, holds rendezvous at different sites on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries during the boating season and an annual meeting for installation of Officers.


The purposes for which CYCA was formed were to promote the preservation and to encourage the restoration of classic watercraft to as near original condition as possible. Further, it was established to encourage rendesvous and other gatherings, to collect information on classic craft and to act as a reference source.

Moving forward, we realized the need to appreciate all watercraft old and new due to the dwindling number of classic yachts. We continue our focus on comaraderie, sharing of knowledge of classic yachts, resources and the excitement and joy of water passage gatherings throughout the Chesapeake Bay region.

Our Vision

After 50 years as a Chesapeake Bay based Yacht Club, The Classic Yacht Club of America strives to attract and support a welcoming, diverse membership who has a shared interest in the preservation and restoration of classic watercraft as well as a passion for all boats and the boating life. Today, The Classic Yacht Club of America is comprised of all types of vessels. From classic wooden boats to modern cruisers. Our members share a common love of their boats and the enjoyment of cruising the Chesapeake Bay.

We strive to provide and encourage social gatherings and boating events which promote comaraderie and friendships for our menbers. A member of The Classic Yacht Club of America enjoys attending several rendezvous each boating season where they can show off their vessels and enjoy the comaraderie that a cruising club has to offer.

Throughout the year at least six well planned events and rendesvous take place on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. All with the focus on comaraderie and the fun the boating community has to offer.

Examples of these events include:

Icebreaker Dinner

A kick off to the boating season held in early spring where a preview of the upcoming season’s fun adds to the pleasure of renewing friendships.

Flag Raising

The first on water gathering held in June where the club’s burgee is hoisted to the flag pole for the first time. Thus commencing the boating season.

Mid Summer Rendesvous

On water event held in July at a Yacht Club or Marina

August Rendesvous

On water event. Typically is the location of the popular annual “Trouper II” Invitational radio controlled boat races. An exciting event that is sure to please.

Late Summer Rendesvous

September event held at a Yacht Club or marina. The last on water event for the boating season.

Change of Watch

Held in October, a land based event where the membership will receive afull briefing from each outgoing Club Officer on the year’s notable achievements, witness the induction of the new Club officers and Board members.

Embark on a journey of luxury, camaraderie,and unforgettable experiences!

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Embark on a journey of luxury, camaraderie,
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